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Storage-In-Seat Chair

Current Fabrics:
Birch, Bronze, Cabernet and Dark Blue

We also gladly accept customer provided fabric.

storage chair 2.jpg
storage chair 3.jpg
storage chair 1.jpg
Add a Leaf
add a leaf 1.jpg
add a leaf 3.jpg
add a leaf 2.jpg
Add a Drawer
add a drawer 1.jpg
add a drawer 4.jpg
add a drawer 2.jpg
add a drawer 3.jpg
Drawer Platform
drawer platform 1.jpg
drawer platform 2.jpg
Drawer Dividers
drawer dividers 3.jpg
drawer dividers 1.jpg
drawer dividers 2.jpg
Drawer Insets
drawer inset 2.jpg
drawer inset 1.jpg
Foot Rest

Give yourself and your foot control a little boost

Thread Insets and Compartment Insets

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