Multi Purpose Cutting Tables

We offer a wide range of Cutting Tables for all your sewing and quilting needs. Different styles and sizes are available. We also will customize any product for you to give that personalized feel.

Chest of Drawers 282

When fully extended it gives you 48" x 40" work surface. Five large drawers for storage and dual leg support for Leaf. When closed it is only 24" x 40"wide.

Armoire Style with Shelves 284

Like our 282 this has the same work surface area. The difference here is the single door on side to allow for shelves. 

Armoire Style with Hoop Storage 286

Full work space is 48" x 40" when leaf is extended with dual leg support underneath. Choose this option for Hoop storage instead of shelves.

Single Drawer Cutting Table 671

Fully extended works space at 36'' x 60" with a full melamine top. The large drawer extends from one side to the other.

Two Drawer Cutting Table 672

Large workspace at 40"x 78". Closes to 22"x 40". Full melamine top with 2 large pull through drawers.

Three Drawer Cutting Table 673

Same Large workspace as our 672, Third Drawer added for more storage.


We offer Two different styles of specialty cutting tables. Specifically designed for Accuquilt and one Accessory for them.

Accuquilt Go! 600

Accuquilt Go! Mini 602

Go! Tray Extender 604

Separate Accessory

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